Fixed-fee pricing

Terms and conditions apply

Invitation to Mediate

Always free

One party contacts us and asks us to act as mediator.

We will then reach out to the other parties to the dispute and invite them to participate in a mediation.

If they don’t want to mediate or don’t respond, then we’ll bid you farewell.

If they do agree to mediate, we will move on to pre-mediation intake.

Pre-mediation conference

$199 per party1

During this phase, our mediator will meet with each party separately, either in person or online, to get a sense of what the dispute is about.

The mediator will also explain the mediation process, what to expect, and how to get the most out of your mediation

Mediation conference

$499 per party1, per session2

The mediation process is designed to be as flexible as possible so there really is no “One Way” for this phase to unfold.

The mediator will conduct the mediation in the way that seems most appropriate in the circumstances.

For instance, the mediation might be entirely in-person at an agreed location3, entirely online, or a combination of in-person and online.

Subject to certain exceptions outlined in our standard terms, we’ll keep going for as many sessions as are needed,
as long as the parties keep making progress towards a resolution.

At the end of a successful mediation, the mediator will help you write a settlement agreement to record what has been agreed. 

1. where “party” means a person or group of people whose interests are aligned.
For example, if one director of a company is in a dispute with the rest of the board of directors, the board counts as one party.

2.  A mediation session is booked for 3 hours at a time. Each session is charged separately.

3. If there is a need to hire a venue, or the mediator is required to travel outside the Perth Metropolitan Area, additional charges will apply.

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